Dinnertime Pizzazz
for Less than $10

  • Buy on sale. Check weekly ads in-store and online for deals.
  • Try the store brands. Brands like Archer Farms and Market Pantry at Target and SuperTarget taste great and cost less than national brands.
  • Plan a weekly menu. Use that as a basis for your shopping list. You'll stretch your dollars and your leftovers. Last night's roast chicken is a perfect filling for taco night. Sautee the remaining shredded chicken with onion, warm up corn tortillas and add salsa, guacamole and a squeeze of lime juice.
  • Buy larger portions on sale to split up into smaller packages or freeze.
  • Make it a challenge. Bring the family to the grocery store and challenge everyone to come up with a meal for $10 or less.

Don't think a family meal for less than $10 is possible? It's not only possible; it's a piece of cake to make. Try the following delicious recipes using Market Pantry ingredients from Target:

  • Enchilada Lasagna Pie (Click to view recipe)
  • Salad with Mexican Vinaigrette: Stir two tablespoons chopped cilantro into 1/2 cup Italian salad dressing. Serve over mixed greens, tomatoes and green onions.
  • A Twist on Flan: Spoon caramel ice cream topping over a dish of vanilla pudding. Sprinkle with toasted coconut.

Date night doesn't have to mean dinner and a movie out on the town. When you throw in a babysitter your simple night out could cost more than $100. Stay in, rent a movie and make the following recipe for a delicious homemade dinner. Prepare frozen spinach and artichoke purses as an appetizer, an artisan French petite loaf and a mixed salad for course number two and warm some prepared molten lava cakes topped with whipped cream for dessert. You've got a restaurant-quality experience on your home turf. Candles optional.


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